Home from home

That home from home experience that hotels or guest houses just can’t provide.


The room to work, cook, relax and sleep, in a much more spacious environment than a hotel room. A typical one bedroom apartment can be around twice the size of the average hotel room.


A greater degree of privacy. You can bypass the formalities and let yourself in and make yourself at home. A weekly housekeeping service provides a clean and fresh linen/towels, and you can retain your privacy without daily interruptions.

Value for Money

No hidden extras (mini-bars, room service etc) and discounts the longer you stay.

Free Wi-Fi

Unlike hotels or similar accommodation types, serviced apartment providers offer free Wi-Fi to their guests as standard.


Do things to your own schedule – come and go as you please, cook when you want and work when you need to work. Plus the added space means you can entertain guests or hold business meetings all within your own private space and at a time that suits.

Cooking & Washing Facilities

Having your own kitchen is convenient, cost-effective and also great if you have special dietary needs, plus the provision of a washing machine/tumble dryer means you have the option of doing your own laundry. Convenient and cost-saving.

Great Locations

Serviced apartments are located in the heart of many tourist destinations, as well as important business districts, and can be found in every major city throughout the world.

Additional Facilities

Many serviced properties offer discounts to local leisure clubs and restaurants, often rivalling the facilities offered by hotels. Serviced apartments make a great alternative.

Easy To Book

Providers offer their own online booking facilities as well as apartments being available via online booking agents.

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